BannerMagic for Instagram


Create cool Instagram banners and badges on your Concrete5 website with fun layer options such as colors and mouse over effects!

Great ways to use BannerMagic for Instagram are :

  • as the heading for your website (instead of the usual slider)
  • as widgets with cool layer effects
  • show images based on hash tags and user ID's
  • multiple BannerMagic add-ons on your website simultaneously
  • much more!

Create beautiful Instagram banners and widgets with BannerMagic for Instagram!


Concrete5 addon created for 5.7.x


  • Set is as a banner heading for your website or create cool little badges wherever your want on your pages!
  • No Ads: Open Instragram photos directly in a clean Instagram window, no ads!
  • @ or #: Show User or Hashtag banners with or with our captions, you decide!
  • Layer effects: Smooth layer options such as opacity, color and radius effects make your banner look super clean!

How it works!

  1. Before you get started, make sure you install the 4Concrete5 Dashboard. This allows you to connect BannerMagic to your Instagram profile.
  2. After you have connected your Instagram profile to BannerMagic, simply add the BannerMagic block to your page and set all your preferences.

What do all the options mean?

Username or Hashtag: choose the type of content and type the Username or hashtag you wish to show. Eg. @4concrete5 or #4concrete5

Number of columns: type the total amount of columns you want to show on your page.

Number of items: type the total amount of items you want to show on your page.
Tip: Multiply the number of columns by the number of rows, the outcome is the number of items you need to type in this field. Eg: 2 columns x 8 rows = 16 items

Border size: set the border size in pixels

Border Radius: set the radius and create cool rounded corners or circles

Show headers: choose wether you want to show headers or not

Layer effect on Mouse over:
None: no mouse over effect
Fade in: fade in from opacity value
Fade out: fade out from opacity value

Shutter in (vertical): create a vertical shutter effect

Shutter in (horizontal): create a horizontal shutter effect
The effect options affect the layer that is placed on top of the photos.

Layer Opacity: type a number from '0' (no opacity) to '100' (full opacity)
The effect options affect the layer that is placed on top of the photos.

Layer Color: set a color for your layer effect
The effect options affect the layer that is placed on top of the photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQ about the BannerMagic for Instagram Concrete5 addon...

Addon demo

This page contains BannerMagic for Instagram which can be set as both a banner as well a badge. We have added two BannerMagic for Instagram add-ons below. Both have different settings, such as number of items, rounded corners, color and effect.

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