Stack Infinity


Stack Infinity is the solution to randomly show stacks from your stack list on your Concrete5 website. Keep your website fresh, dynamic and interesting by adding random video’s, images and other content.


Concrete5 addon created for 5.7.x


Show random content with an unlimited or a maximum number of times:

  • In total
  • Per session
  • Per day

New features:

  • Display multiple stacks per view
  • Spacer between multiple stacks

How it works!

  1. Create different stacks by going to your Dashboard > Stacks and Blocks
  2. Once you have created enough stacks, simply add the Stack Infinity block on your page and select the stacks you want Stack Infinity to choose from. You can either type the stack names of click on the input field and select the stacks.
  3. Choose the randomizing preference and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Addon demo

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Randomize your stacks!


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